ABOUT Shaiyanne Dar

Shaiyanne is an E-commerce professional, with a passion and curiosity for all things digital. She has over 8 years of experience working with large corporations and start ups to build & manage E-commerce ecosystems.

Her mission is to create beautiful, cohesive online & mobile experiences, for small and mid sized businesses.



Shaiyanne is also the Founder & Owner of Dolkii, an online boutique launched in 2015 & based in Honolulu, Hawaii known for colorful vintage inspired graphic tees she designs. Her most notable designs include the 'Aloha Love Club' which she created in the summer of 2017 and “Wahine” / “Year of the Wahine” launched in the summer of 2018 to support the Women’s Fund of Hawai’i non-profit organization.



In 2012, Shaiyanne became a fur-baby mama to a little black persian kitty she named Petri. In 2018, Petri became a big brother to a little sister named Petunia, a lilac persian! You can follow all their adventures since kitty-hood with their hashtags on Instagram!



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